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It is a privilege to serve you! I am a native of Fairmont, North Carolina.After graduating from Fairmont High, I continued my education at theUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I majored inSpeech/Language Pathology and Audiology. I have experience as aspeech pathologist for 15 years in the states of Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Passion dictated that I return to college to further my education, becoming certified in regular education. Desiring to continue as a lifelong learner, I later earned a Master of Education degree from East Carolina University in the area of Instructional Technology. I have experience in the classroom, and have served as a Technology Facilitator, and trainer for teachers.. I have also facilitated the development of websites for churches and charities across North Carolina, volunteering to train members to be local webmasters.
It is an honor to serve you as Region Four's consultant, aswe do all for the sake of North Carolina's students!== ==

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