This is what Donn has to say about his program: "According to Webster's Dictionary, technology is a device used to make our life easier. So I teach my students the evolution of technology from primitive tools (like the first compass invented by the Chinese to the Aquarius Satellite launched by NASA to monitor the properties of the ocean. My students get hands-on use of solar panels, wind turbines, circuits, GPS, water testing kits, etc. We even took a trip to the Hiddenite Mine and used sifting to separate a physical mixture. It is my job as a science teacher to prepare these students for STEM careers. Recently two of my students created a hydrogen car that runs on water, and is charged by a solar panel. I strive to give these young scientists the tools to compete in any school in the world. I also use the media resources for research, computers, iPads, video cameras, streaming, podcasts, and social networking."

Let's Applaud 

Donn Kirkwood

Fairgrove Middle School
Fairmont, NC

Don is a huge advocate of technology-enabled learning.  He received the "Outstanding K-8 Educator Award" from the North Carolina School of Science, Mathematics and Technology.