School Makerspace Workshop II (two "capital O" and the last letter is capital i)

“Makerspaces just might take over libraries,” according to one observation stated on the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. “Professor Dave Lankes, in his presentation to New York State librarians asked the roomful of librarians to imagine libraries as places for people to learn and create, not consume and check out.” He also declared, “What will kill our profession is not ebooks, Amazon, or Google, but a lack of imagination.”



10 Minutes

Introduction and Ice Breaker

Introduce ourselves; Review the Agenda
Review the Wiki

40 Minutes

Jumping Right In

30 Minutes

Constructing Your Knowledge

Finding information and sharing with the group for deeper discussion

10 Minutes

Sharing your findings

Discussing our findings!!!

15 Minutes

Your Plan

How to plan plan to design your makerspace.

15 Minutes

Closing and Evaluation

Invent To Learn Resource

This document may frame much of what you do and think about today! Enjoy.


You Try it!

Visit each of the stations around the room. You have 40 minutes to try each and record your findings. Should you feel that you have extra time, create something from the "box resources" that could solve a problem (could be worldwide, classroom or personal).

MaKey MaKey


iPad Apps

Creativity Log - Submit your findings!

Mentioned Today
The Cardboard Challenge
Caine's Arcade

Discussion-icon.pngNow let's talk about it.