Collaboration Why?

North Carolina Standards
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Benefits of co-teaching

Collaboration - How?

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Being Assertive:
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Collaboration requires the librarian to be an assertive professional
  1. The Media Specialist needs to meet one on one with individual teachers and administrators to explain information literacy and how it can work in the classroom
  2. Develop resources to match and support the needs of teachers' curriculum.
  3. The Media Specialist must be a visible member of the school staff. Consider being on the curriculum and/or other standing committees.
  4. Network constantly: over coffee, in the hallways, over lunch, at staff meetings.
  5. Develop a Website or newsletter to showcase the school media center resources.
  6. Share statistics of library use and tell the success stories in the library.
  7. Show the connections between information literacy and content-related objectives.
  8. Plan lessons to tie into the standards of the District, State and professional associations. Standards are a tool by which you and others can judge the effectiveness of the program.
  9. Continue professional development. The field has changed rapidly and as a professional it is necessary to understand current library trends and practices.
  10. Most of all, believe that you, the library media specialist, can make a difference in student learning.

Examples Via Video:

Great step-by-step video with examples. This one is high school level.

Here is another one from elementary level:

Collaborative Planning Continuum
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Collaborative Planning Taxonomy: (a continuum describing levels of collaboration)
By Dr. David Loertscher
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Other Resources That May Frame Your Thought Process and Product

Collaborative planning examples:

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Grand Junction High (Colorado)

West Johnston High Online Collaboration Request Form (North Carolina)

Collaborative Lesson Plan Rubric:

Collaborative Planning Guide:

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